Dixie - Lite-ning Rod Assembly

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Dixie - Lite-ning Custom Shaft Assembly
Close-out Special

This straight shaft features: 34 approximate length. 90 degree adjustable handle.  Two cable ties and two Velcro straps to secure your cables. Weight: approx. 10 oz. You can add your Minelab arm rest/stand, lower shaft (pre-drilled holes for adjustable length) and favorite coil. Pre-drilled holes for adjustable arm rest/stand; (specify Sov, XS or Elite/GT arm rest) This shaft allows you to customize your rig. Recommended for all types of metal detecting. Shown with OPTIONAL adjustable arm rest ($10), Velcro arm strap ($7) and hardware ($2). The new handle slides on and is adjustable for precise fit.

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  • Model: ACC-RS-LITE-N
  • Manufactured by: accessories

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