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L. David Keith, owner of the Original Dixie Metal Detectors, has been in business for more than 24 years. David not only sells metal detectors, he uses them in his passionate search for Civil War relics and historical artifacts. His expertise and knowledge in the field has helped thousands of customers and friends over the years. He will assess your requirements and recommend a series of detectors that match your goals and skill-set. He can help you with your metal detecting needs, whether it is with a basic metal detector for the hobbyists, or more complex detectors for Professionals, Industrial or Security applications. We welcome you as a customer and guarantee your satisfaction! He is also available for appraising or identifying Civil War relics and Native American artifacts (arrowheads). Single pieces or collections, call or email us for a pricing quote. He also buys and trades for relics/artifacts (authentic, legally obtained only).


Offering the highest quality product and customer service is the uppermost goal of Dixie Metal Detectors. Customers of Dixie Metal Detectors know we are just a phone call away with any assistance, direction, instruction or concerns. When buying your next detector, call the professionals,...call David at the Original Dixie Metal Detectors, located in Madison, TN.



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