Coiltek 15" All Terrain Coil

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Coiltek 15" All Terrain Coil 

We are very pleased to announce, due to a collaborative effort with Minelab Electronics, we have produced a new 15” ALL TERRAIN 7.5kHz coil for the very popular Minelab X-TERRA detector! It is an official Coiltek Manufacturing product, fully approved by Minelab, and is compatible with the VFLEX technology present in the X-TERRA machines. Being larger than any of the stock coils, we have noticed improved depth and coverage. It has good sensitivity and will respond like the stock coils in relation to the target ID and depth
indications. Includes coil cover.

For use with:
X-TERRA detectors.

Product Features:

Coil Frequency:    7.5 kHz

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  • Manufactured by: Minelab

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