Interpreting History From Relics in Civil War Campsites!

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Outstanding soft bound book by Poche & Associates containing 60 pages of pertinant information on how Civil War Infantry, Cavalry and Artillery camps were laid out including Officers quarters, Provost, Blacksmith and medical. Photo's of relics associated with the various ranks. (Priority mail included)

How to identify not only which Military branch, but who and when. Covers GPS search methods/data entry, types of Tents, camp subdivisions, Officers/enlisted areas, Sutlers/Commissary/Livery areas, Hospital and Parade grounds. Grid search methods, relics by type, location, camp sizes, length of occupation, and a camp relic guide. Photographs of relics identified to the various branches of civil war era military. This book will be a "must have" for the Civil War relic hunter!

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