Garrett AT Pro 6.5x9 PROformance Concentric search coil

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Garrett AT Pro 6.5 x 9 inch "PROformance" Concentric search coil. Stock number: 2222600 (Waterproof 6.5x9" compatible with the AT Pro, AT Gold & CSI Pro)Understanding a Concentric coil:
The concentric configuration consists of a TX coil and RX coil which are usually circular and arranged as shown at left. The advantage of this configuration is that both the TX and RX coils are wound as large as possible within a given search coil diameter. This provides the largest possible detection field and greatest detection depth, making the concentric coil potentially the most sensitive configuration available.

In addition, concentric coils also provide the most symmetrical detection field, allowing ease in pinpointing and consistency in target identification. For these reasons, they are the most commonly used search coil and will provide the best overall performance in most environments.

Unfortunately, this configuration is the most susceptible to interference from ground minerals, which results in substantial loss of performance when used over heavily mineralized ground.

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  • Model: GT ATpro 6.5x9
  • Manufactured by: Garrett

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