Eezox Premium gun care 3 oz spray

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Eezox® 3oz Premium Gun Care


Brought back by popular demand…. the 3oz Eezox® Gun Care Spray can.

The same gun care product as the other sizes, but in a very convenient size for range bags or short hunting trips. Can even be carried in a coat pocket. Approximately 1.5" diameter by 5.5" tall. Comes with a 5" plastic nozzle adapter for getting in even the hardest to reach areas. NOTE: Please call us for multiple or mixed orders. I will combine shipping costs to save you money!  Each 3 oz spray can is $6.99 plus $8.95 shipping (We can ship up to 2 spray bottles in the same USPS Priority box, but contact us if you would like to order more than 1 spray bottle at a time). For multiple orders (more than 1 bottle), call or email for ordering over the phone. Shipping will be combined to save you additional charges.

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  • Model: Ezox-3

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