Eezox Premium gun care 1.5 oz drip bottle

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Advanced Technology Triple Action Solution that cleans, lubricates, and preserves firearms. It is one of the finest treatments that you can give your guns.

Synthetic EEZOX® Premium Gun Care is a total gun-care system with ONE PRODUCT for all guns. This includes black powder guns. Since EEZOX® is not petroleum based, it will not affect the seasoning of a muzzle loader bore. EEZOX® enables your firearm to function as designed by the manufacturer.

  • Cleans, lubricates and protects - EEZOX® DOES IT ALL
  • Eliminates stiff actions, jamming and residue build-up
  • Harmless to powders and primers
  • Non-flammable (not a petroleum based product)
  • Dry to the touch on guns in use or stored
  • Functions from +450°F to -95°F


Synthetic EEZOX® Premium Gun Care was developed and approved by scientific methods which are accepted worldwide, as opposed to backyard testing procedures used by many well intended individuals.

The following procedures show the test results of Synthetic EEZOX® Premium Gun Care: (please bear with me through this technical won't hurt long)


The ASTM B 117-5% Salt Spray Fog Test results for Synthetic EEZOX® Premium Gun Care are very conclusive. For test purposes that parallel use in firearms, a very thin film (0.42 to 0.45 mils) of EEZOX® are used.

After 192 to 232 hours of rigorous conditions, EEZOX® scored and "Excellent" rating - the highest given. (Mil Spec requires only 100 hours)

The scientific method of testing the "load factor" or "reduction of friction" of a lubricant is done with a Falex Testing Instrument. The pressures are increased under controlled conditions and measured by special monitoring devices. EEZOX® extends the life of operating mechanisms.

Synthetic EEZOX® Premium Gun Care with only 0.42 - 0.45 mil film thickness achieved a Peak Load "pass" of 4,500 lbs. This load factor far exceeds pressures found in any firearm, including full automatic machine guns. Falex tested by ASTM D-3233 procedures (Mil Spec requires only 1,000 lbs.)

The performance of guns is also affected when fired, manufacturing (yes, manufacturing) other by-products such as residues of copper, lead, carbon, plastic wad build-up, and at times, Teflon. These residues cause stiff actions, as well as misfiring and jamming. Synthetic EEZOX® Premium Gun Care prevents build-up through its unique chemistry developed specifically for gun care.


NOTE: EEZOX® is not harmful to ORIGINAL factory wood finishes. If product comes into contact with rubber grips, wipe until dry.

1. CLEANING: Using only EEZOX®, clean all parts of your firearm, including bore, barrel, actions, mechanisms, metal surfaces and parts. Make sure all residual solvents, greases, waxes and Teflon coatings from previous cleaning are removed at this time. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO FOLLOW THIS CLEANING WITH OTHER PRODUCTS.

2. LUBRICATING: When the firearm is thoroughly cleaned and wiped dry, apply a very light coat of EEZOX® to all parts and allow to dry. This may take several hours on new applications. If too much EEZOX® has been applied, remove the excess with a soft cloth, being careful to leave only a light coating of EEZOX®. This step is very important. You do not want EEZOX® to lay in a pool and dry, as overuse can cause the surface to be sticky. If this has happened to you, simply clean your firearm again with EEZOX® and wipe it dry.

3. PROTECTING: Once the last application of EEZOX® has dried, your firearm is ready for use or storage. Although dry, EEZOX® continues to protect, both in use and in storage.

Once you have your gun thoroughly cleaned with EEZOX®, a quick bore cleaning and wipe down after each time you fire will suffice. You will find that your actions will be much smoother and lead buildup gets less each time you use EEZOX®.

Shooting sports enthusiasts now experience greater enjoyment when assured their firearms will not rust or malfunction, and without time-consuming gun care chores.

LAW ENFORCEMENT: Due to constant hand and body contact with their firearms, Law Enforcement Officers and Security Personnel encounter the most difficult task of keeping firearms free from rust and residue build-up in the bore and mechanisms of their firearms. This problem can now be 100% corrected with Synthetic EEZOX® Premium Gun Care.

**NOTE** EEZOX® is recommended by our customers for many other uses: Locks - home and auto, cleans grinding wheels, printing press chain drives, metal electrical contacts, pipe threading and drill bits for smooth metal holes. There are many hundreds of other applications for EEZOX®. Let us know where you have used EEZOX® for applications other than gun care.

Facts You Should Know About Gun Care Lubricants,
Cleaners and Rust Preventatives

The oldest and most widely used method to clean a gun is to use a nitrogen solvent, and to lubricate with a petroleum lube distillate. To shoot the gun it is necessary to wipe it dry first; to store the gun it is necessary to apply a heavy coating of more flammable petroleum lube distillate. This method dates back to the 1920's with some modifications being added, such as teflon or silicone powders which allegedly lubricate.

Many changes have taken place in the last 70 years - in new technology, engineering and design of firearms and ammunition. In spite of these advances, the three-step method of gun care - 1) solvent for cleaning, 2) flammable petroleum for lubricating, and 3) more lubricant for rust prevention - is still widely used.

Firearms manufactured today and in the past twenty years have gone through the most rapid and continuing change in design and metallurgy combinations, with ever-increasing precision manufacturing.

Due to advanced engine design, as well as metallurgy changes we certainly cannot or would not use motor oils made 20 years ago in the crankcase of our automobiles, recreational vehicles, etc. Therefore, it only stands to reason that with the new technology and design which has taken place in the field of firearms and ammunition - the products we use to maintain our firearms must also change.

Lubrication and metal protection vary depending on the products, machinery, parts, etc. to be lubricated and protected. What is good for one application is not right for another.

For example, Teflon is fine for frying pans, gears and other metal surfaces, but it is not a lubricant. Teflon, in fact, builds up residue when blended with flammable petroleum lube distillates. This residue build-up is left on firearm mechanisms, firing pins and in bores/barrels, etc.

EEZOX® technology of developing a "ONE PRODUCT GUN CARE SYSTEM" is not only unique, but it is now being used by the most satisfied gun owners throughout the United States and in many other countries. Why? Because it OUTPERFORMS ANY PRODUCT MADE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

Synthetic EEZOX® Premium Gun Care technology enables the action of ONE product to CLEAN - LUBRICATE - PREVENT RUSTING AND FINGER PRINTING. The technology of molecular structure control allows a superior formulation of solvents, synthetic lubricants and rust inhibitors to be processed through EEZOX's® exclusive reactor into the strong but thin molecular structure.

When a firearm is cleaned with EEZOX®, the solvent evaporates, and Synthetic EEZOX® lubricant and rust preventative is instantly on all metal surfaces cleaned - in the mechanisms, bore/barrel, actions - leaving no opportunity for a rusting process to take place. When EEZOX® has dried to the touch, the firearm is ready for use or storage.

The EEZOX® lubricant and rust preventative on the firearm is a very thin, strong molecular structured product which performs as follows:

  • From 95°F BELOW ZERO to +450°F
  • Cleans, lubricates, prevents rust and finger printing
  • No oily film - dry to the touch

EEZOX® ELIMINATES stiff actions, jamming, residue build-up, lead and brass build-up, plastic shot wad build-up. EEZOX® allows all guns to function to factory design.

EEZOX® weighs 10.42 pounds per gallon - squirt or spray EEZOX® into a container of water and it will sink to the bottom. This density prevents water from penetrating the thin layer of EEZOX® and from reacting with the metal to form rust. Because of the hydrocarbon oil content of other products, they will "float" on water. Therefore, water penetrates this oil layer and rests on the metal surface. The water then reacts with oxygen and the metal surface to form rust.

Our research clearly shows over 75% of gun owners are not satisfied with gun care products presently being used. Compare this to the 98.7% of EEZOX® users who are greatly satisfied.

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  • Manufactured by: NEL

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