Detector Pro Pistol Probe: Deep seeking tunable probe!

$189.00  $169.00     Shipping Cost: $14.95*

Available In Limited Supply!
Want better detection depth? Get the PistolPROBE Pulse Pinpointer!
The Best Accessory to Any Metal Detector!

Accurate Deep Pinpointing Will:

  • Increase the speed of target recovery time tremendously
  • Yield more targets per hour
  • Reduce the number of targets damaged by your digging tool

Product Features:

Deep Seeking Pulse Circuitry Powered by (2) 9V Batteries (not included)


Momentary On/Off Power Push-button Switch for Battery Conservation

Protected Control Settings

Two Preset Piezo Audio Volume Levels

Dual LED Visual Indicators

Selectable Silent LED Only Operation

Low Battery Alert

6-1/2 in. Probe Barrel Length

Balanced Comfortable Grip Shape

Belt Mounted Holster (included)

MSRP: $189.00  DIXIE PRICE: $169.00

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  • Model: DPro-PE-PistolPROBE
  • Manufactured by: DetectorPro

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