Fisher Industrial XLT-30 D Liquid Leak Detector

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FISHER XLT-30 D LIQUID LEAK DETECTOR with Big Foot Sensor & Hydrophonic probe

NOTE: Models A-B-C also available, contact me for pricing)

Fishers XLT-30 D takes leak detection to a new level. Ultra sensitive sound microphones, combined with a non-distortion amplification system and crystal clear audio headphones make the XLT-30 the leak detector destined to set new standards for the leak professional. Option D - Big Foot Sensor and Muti-sensor. The Big Foot sensor also known as the Ground Microphone, is to be used on hard surfaces, concrete, asphalt, tile, etc. A flexible rubber shield helps prevent outside sounds from interfering with the sounds from the buried pipe. Press and hold the red button near the handle to mute the audio from the probe and suppress loud sounds when the probe is moved. The Muti-sensor is used for both the ground microphone and direct contact applications.
MSRP $3,514.00  DIXIE PRICE: $3,338.00

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  • Model: F-XLT30D
  • Manufactured by: Fisher Labs

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