Groundtech Discovery SM Smart 3D Ground Scanning Detector

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Groundtech Discovery SM Smart 3D Scanning Detector

5 different scanning features

For an entertaining journey of discovery.

Automatic and Manual Ground Scanning, Real Time Scanning, Dynamic Scanning and Pinpoint Scanning as standard scanning features.
*SMR model also features automatic and manual resistivity scanning.

Embedded System Technology

Get the results using a single device with detailed 3-D graphics.

On the home screen of the Discovery, you may view the 3-D scanning results and, carry out detailed analyses without the need for a different device (e.g. tablets, computers).

This is a First.

Success lies in the details

View the information on the depth, location and size with 3-D graphics and numerical data.

Different options such as 3-D analyses, details, depth information allow you to carry out detailed and perfect analyses on the measurements. Analyze the scanning results in a detailed manner with 3-D graphics and numerical data.

Multi-language support. Easy to use with multi-language options.

It is easy to use with the language options: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Persian.

Personal Customization!

Customizable menu options make your scanning process fun and easy.

Install your device for the first time and make it special to you. Free to customize menu themes, language options, units of measurement, location information, time zone and more.