Tesoro 12" x 10" HOT Widescan Coil

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12" x 10" H.O.T. Wide scan Coil


The 12" x 10" wide scan is designed to penetrate deeply in highly mineralized sites that are not burdened with an abundance of junk. The Double D windings “see” 70% less ground effect than a concentric-style winding. This will give you smoother operation in areas where the ground matrix tends to shift. Both coils will utilize our Monolithic shielding. Carbon fibers and graphite powder have been mixed into the raw plastic used to form the coils. This technique provides an even RF shielding across the entire surface of the coil.

For use with:
Cibola, Lobo SuperTRAQ, Tejòn & Vaquero only!

Product Features:

Scuff/Cover: Included

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  • Model: TES-SC-CIBOLA-12x10W
  • Manufactured by: Tesoro

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