Tesoro 5.75" HOT Concentric Coil with 3' cable

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5.75 HOT Concentric Coil w/3' cable

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The 5.75 coil is a 5¾-inch concentric-style coil. It has been designed to provide great discrimination when working in trashy areas. The 5.75’s smaller footprint will find the treasures without having to worry about most masking effects. When combined with the powerful circuitry of the Lobo Super TRAQ, Tejón, Vaquero or Cibola, it will allow you to cherry pick the trash-infested sites.

Knowing where you are going to hunt and what you are hunting for goes a long way in choosing the right coil for your needs. A larger coil is used to hunt in a clean area and/or for relics that may tend to be deeper. A small coil will help to find the smaller targets such as gold nuggets or fine jewelry. Small coils can also be used to hunt for coins & jewelry in extremely trashy sites.

The length and width of the coil affects different aspects of its performance. The length of the coil (toe-to-heel) affects your coverage area, while the width (side-to-side) affects the depth. For example, the 3x18" clean sweep coil is 3" wide by 18" long. The 18" length provides a very large coverage area, but its 3" width indicates depth similar to a smaller coil.

Most coils are available with a short or long cable. The short cable is approximately 3½' long and is suited to accommodate the length from the housing to the coil. The long cable is approximately 8' long, and allows for the housing to be removed from the pole and worn on the hip (only applicable to water units and Lobo ST).

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Scuff/Cover sold separately $7.00

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  • Model: TES-Conc-5.75-3
  • Manufactured by: Tesoro

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