Poche/Rex: Exploring Civil War Campsites

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A comprehensive new CD-ROM containing both volumes plus all new information on Civil War researching and relics. Diagrams, pictures and a wealth of new info on relics.

This CD contains an easy to access index with hyperlinks that allows you to instantly access a wealth of sites that complement the contents. Adobe Reader is required but if you do not have Adobe, it's a simple, free download off the Internet.

A lot of hard work went into this massive work including input from some of the country's best experts on relics. New sections have been added to the previous volumes plus a lot more. Order yours now and start identifying those odd pieces in your collection.

Instructions are given for downloading topographical maps and aerial photos off the Internet and how to plot GPS relic fields. Included are bullet forensics: rifling and extraction marks. Also covered are sections on how Civil War camps were laid out; bullet ID, cartridge case ID and their marks and head stamps and how to identify what area of the camp your relics came from. No other work goes into as much depth on finding those elusive camps!

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