Poche: Finding Civil War Campsites in Rural Areas

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FINDING CIVIL WAR CAMPSITES IN RURAL AREAS (Includes Priority mail shipping)

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44 pages of some of the most useful tips, information and research you will ever find in any other source. Contains 42 sections on where, how and what, concerning finding those elusive civil war camps, troop movements, routes and even old homesites that can contain not only relics, but vintage silver, gold or copper coins, not to mention jewelry. Jump start your digging career with this book, it's worth every cent!

Excellent soft bound book on how to search out and find Civil War and Revolutionary War camps. Covers "how to" on the Internet, Library, Maps. Great book for those who need an edge! Packed with outstanding information for old pro's or beginners. Read our review:

"Finding Civil War Campsites contains excellent information for the Civil War relic hunter, history buff or archaeologists, both professional and amateur, who pursues the often times elusive camp grounds used by both the Union and Confederate Armies during the war years 1861-1865. Having been an avid Civil War detectorist and history buff for many years, I was pleasantly surprised at how useful the information was on every page. The Table of Contents breaks down into categories on how to go about finding Civil War Camps, which in turn can lead to the discovery of Vidette and picket posts, block houses (railway trestle guard camps and fortifications), bivouacs, conscription camps etc. Contained within its pages are excellent ways to use the internet, aerial/topographical maps and their interpretation, air photo information, principle guidelines (the basic rules of why and where camps were located), individual and organizational services that can assist you using written documents, plus a number of other good sources to help you locate a particular camp that no one has been able to find. It is well written in easy to understand terminology and contains some pictoral, graph and map examples to help you better understand particular topics. There is a section on gaining permission to search private property. Many times, I meet fellow Detectorists who have the desire but are not sure how to go about asking permission. This is a key element to gaining the land owners permission and you will want to use these tips and suggestions over and over again. The subject index makes looking up particular text a breeze. The authors have a combined 40 years of relic hunting experience, and whether your an Old Pro or a new beginner, I highly recommend this new publication. With relic collecting at an all time high, I suspect it will be the best money you'll ever spend on research material!"

Good hunting,

L. David Keith

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