RNB AT PLUS for Garrett AT Pro, AT Max, AT Gold metal detectors

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RNB AT PLUS for Garrett AT Pro, AT Max, AT Gold metal detectors

Get 40 plus hours battery life and more swing time with your Garrett AT Pro, Garrett AT Gold and Garrett AT MAX with the RNB Innovations Power Plus Battery.

Your detector won’t lose performance: Field test proves, unlike standard rechargeable batteries, the “Power Plus” will give your detector consistent performance throughout the duration of the battery charge. RNB Innovations is well known by all Treasure Hunters as one of, if not the best, manufacturer of long life rechargeable custom made battery systems for selected high-end metal detectors. RNB Innovations Battery System will most likely become the last rechargeable battery system you will need to purchase for your detector! Yes, they are that good! All RNB Innovation Battery Systems include a special “Smart Charger” that will quickly charge the battery in a few short hours and will not overcharge or overheat like many other cheaper options. The Smart Charger will even indicate when the battery is fully charged and ready to use. In many cases you will see your average run-time in the field increase anywhere from 40 to 60% more. Field testing has shown in some cases to more than double your field run-time on a full charge. Other benefits for this type of battery is that they will hold a full charge for up to 1 year. So, if you’re tired of your battery losing power before you're done hunting and waiting 18 to 24 hours to recharge, then RNB Innovations is the best rechargeable battery solution out there! The Only Trusted Li-Ion Battery Pack Around the World!

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  • Model: RNB-AT
  • Manufactured by: RNB Rechargeable Batteries

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