RNB INNOVATIONS POWER NOX for Minelab Equinox metal detectors

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The RNB Power Nox battery will double the battery life of your Minelab Equinox series metal detectors. The Pwr-Nox Power Pack fits securely under the arm cuff of the Equinox metal detector and connects using the standard Equinox USB/Magnetic charge cable. For use with both Equinox 600 and 800
The Power-Nox pack has the equivalent capacity to the Equinox’s internal rechargeable battery, hence doubling your detecting time.  When connected to the Equinox 600 or 800 detector the Equinox will draw power from the Power-Nox pack first, then when drained, it will use the Equinox's battery to run your power, thus extending the life of the Equinox’s internal battery.
Power-Nox rechargeable battery pack comes with it’s own USB to Micro-USB charging cable.
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  • Model: RNB-Nox
  • Manufactured by: RNB Rechargeable Batteries

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