RNB Power Nox Rechargeable Battery Pack for Minelab Equinox

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Pwr-Nox Lithium-Ion Power Pack for Minelab Equinox Detectors!

 Lithium-Ion batteries are superior to any other power source.  First, they weigh between 25% and 40% less than a comparable Ni-Cad or NiMH battery offering the same stored energy and while ounces may not seem worth mentioning, after swinging a detector for hours in the field, ounces can and will start to feel like pounds.  Second, they don't develop a memory which allows them to be “topped off” at any time including on the drive to a site with no impact on the amount of operating time they will provide.  Third, they offer a more consistent discharge of power from initial charge which provides for more operating life from a pack.  Fourth, they can be fully recharged in a fraction of the time a Ni-Cad or NiMH pack requires and finally, they tend to hold a charge for months meaning you can pick up your detector after winter weather passes and be ready to go without worrying about looking for the charger.

This new battery system clamps to your upper shaft under your arm. While charging the Power Nox, it can power your Minelab battery. Once drained, it will automatically use your Minelab Equinox power source to allow you continued detecting. All you need comes with the Power Nox. Another great innovation from RNB. 


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  • Model: RNB-nox
  • Manufactured by: RNB Rechargeable Batteries

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