GTI 2500 Pro Package

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The GTI 2500 Pro Package includes the GTI 2500 detector, 9.5"  imaging search coil, plus 5 bonus accessories:

12.5" Imaging search coil, Garrett Supreme GTI case, Garrett Headphones,

GTI Environmental cover up, and the How to Find Treasure field guide.

Over 40 years of technology, testing, and design went into Charles Garrett's best!

Product Features:

Exclusive Garrett Graphic Target Imaging : Displays target's true size (ranging from A to E size) and true depth.

Discover Treasure 20% Deeper : Garrett's PowerMaster Digital Signal Processor (DSP) technology amplifies power to your search coil to increase depth and scan width.

Non-Motion Deep seeking All-Metal Mode : Enables you to hover over a target with continuous audio response.

24 Segments : Of Notch Discrimination enables you to reject unwanted targets.

Auto-Adjust Your Scan Speed : Garrett's ScanTrack technology produces optimum treasure signals at your preferred swing pace.

Pinpointing : With true size and depth measurements.

FastTrack Ground Balance and Surface Elimination : Are among the many features which enable optimum hunting with the GTI 2500 in trying conditions.

All Metal Search Mode or Discriminate Mode : Choose from Coins, Jewelry, Relics, Zero, or Custom modes in discriminate.

Power : 8 AA batteries (batteries included)

2 Years Warranty : Limited Parts/Labor
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