F5 Detector

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Combining the best in analog and digital technology for a unique detecting experience.

Product Features:

7.8 kHz Frequency : Good for coin shooting, relic hunting, and causal gold prospecting

Frequency Shift : For eliminating electrical interference and crosstalk

Software Based : Advanced motion discrimination with notch for searching trashy areas

All Metals : Auto-tune mode for deep searching in non-trashy areas

Visual Target ID : By category & 0-99 indication, both discrimination and auto-tune modes.

Target ID : Confidence bargraph

Ground Balance : High-resolution manual ground balance with continuous ground balance readout

Ground Mineral : Continuous display of concentration and phase

Push Button : Static pin point with variable audio pitch and visual depth reading

Independent : Gain and Threshold knobs provide complete control over sensitivity

Search Coil : Standard 10" elliptical concentric open center search coil. (Other coils available separately)

Batteries : Two 9v alkaline batteries

Warranty : Fisher's Five (5) Year Limited Warranty

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  • Model: FL-DT-F5
  • Manufactured by: Fisher Labs

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