Battle of Franklin


To commemorate the Battle of Franklin, Tennessee's 125th anniversary, I designed a limited edition Confederate belt plate (buckle). Material is Bronze. The significance of each part of the design are as follows: The six stars above the battle flag are for the six Confederate Generals killed at Franklin: Generals Cleburne, Gist, Strahl, Adams and Granbury. The sixth star is for General Carter who died 10 days after the battle. The 13 stars in the Battle Flag represent the 13 Confederate States: SC, NC, VA, GA, FL, AL, MS, LA, AR, TX, TN, KY and MO. Drooped wing Eagles with CS on breast: The Eagles wings point South, CS stands for Confederate States. Olive branches that surround Eagles: Symbolic of the peace that surrounds the once War torn Southern States. Rope border: represents the coming together of Southern people with Heritage, Pride and Strength.
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