Dixie's Custom Mods

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Dixie Custom Mods

Our modifications do a number of things that effect how the Sovereign series operates. It does not effect or void your warranty, and is reversible if you were to change your mind and want to go back to your original set up. No drilling, soldering or other warranty altering methods are used. At this time we charge $85.00 (personal check or money order) and this includes return Priority shipping (within the Continental USA). Insurance or other shipping options are at your expense. HI or AK or outside the USA, call or email for shipping cost.

What our mod’s do:

1. Gives you silent search in the Discrimination mode (early models). Later models have the optional "Threshold or Silent" switch.

2. Silent search does away with the “nulling” effect on ferrous targets, which under certain circumstances can mask or “over look” small non ferrous targets such as $1 Gold coins, 3 cent pieces, small Gold rings, Gold chains, Civil War buttons etc. I prefer the Silent option.

3. Broadens the BBS Audio range, giving you a complete range of tones, from the lowest to the highest tones plus better target separation.

4. Expands the BBS Circuitry to help your Target I-D meter (any brand) lock on targets better.

5. Stabilize your Sensitivity, which under normal conditions will allow for better depth penetration, especially in high mineral soil.

6. Retains the threshold in All Metal mode, allowing those who prefer to hunt in All Metal to do so, without having to turn the Threshold too loud. (Keep it set to just audible)

7. We also inspect each Sovereign for problems or potential problems. Problems/warranty issues must be addressed by Minelab USA, Inc. They are the ONLY repair/service center in the USA.

8. After completion of inspection and modification, your Sovereign will be shipped back to you via Priority Mail (shipping included). Turn around is normally 48 hours.

10. We only need your control box and fresh batteries (AA or rechargeable pack). No coil need be sent.
Dixie's Custom mods enhances any Sovereigns performance. Price includes return shipping, limited to Continental United States (Alaska and Hawaii excluded). Customer must ship control box  to Dixie Metal Detectors at their own expense.

Specifications/Features subject to change without notice. All images are for display purposes only and may not represent the actual product and/or current style, color, or design layout.

*Free Shipping Limited To Continental United States,(Alaska and Hawaii excluded)! Shipping carrier and method selected by Dixie Metal Detectors. Please contact us for other shipping options and cost.

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