Dixie - Ridge Runner Rod Assembly

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Dixie - Ridge Runner Custom Shaft Assembly
Close-out Special

This straight shaft is approximately 34 inches in length. Features pre-drilled holes (2) to add the V clip for attaching the Target ID meter. 12 inch foam shaft grip. Two cable ties and two Velcro straps to secure your cables. Weight: approx. 8 oz. You can add your arm rest/cuff, lower shaft (pre- drilled holes for adjustable length) and favorite coil. Pre-drilled holes for adjustable arm rest/cuff. This shaft allows you to customize your rig. The Ridge Runner is designed for all types of metal detecting but is especially effective when searching up and down hilly terrain. When going up hill, slide your grip forward to shorten the length of the shaft. This allows you to swing easier without having to lift your coil so high and adjust the coil angle. Also reduces arm stress. When searching downhill, slide your grip backwards to lengthen the shaft. This also allows you to search without having to adjust your coil and reduces arm fatigue. Hip or chest mount your Sovereign, use a smaller coil and you won't believe how light it is! Uses the Minelab black plastic arm rest/stand. You can swing this jewel all day! Super light and fantastic when going over hilly or uneven ground. You can adjust your shaft length instantly by moving your grip forward or backward. Super for relic hunting or searching out those old home sites in the hills! We have one left. There will be no more!

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  • Model: ACC-RS-RRUNER
  • Manufactured by: accessories

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