Tesoro 8.5 inch Wide Scan Coil: One of the best!

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Tesoro "Double D" Wide Scan coil for 5 pin "U/max modles

No longer in production from Tesoro, this 5 pin coil was excellent for all U/Max models (Cortes, DeLeon, Silver u/max, Outlaw and earlier: Bandido, Eldorado, Silver Saber, etc). Works well in mineralized soil and where small bits of iron are present such as civil war and earlier military camps. Only two left in stock, when they're gone, their gone! Note: Both have the long cable: 7+ feet.

Widescan coils use two D-shaped antennas that are placed back to back. Because of this configuration, they are often called “Double-D” coils. The widescan coil is less affected by mineralization than the concentric, so it is generally used for gold prospecting or relic hunting in highly mineralized ground. Pinpointing is done with the heel or toe of the coil.

The concentric coil uses two round antennas, one inside the other. This coil is used on most detectors that are designed for coin, jewelry, and relic hunting. Concentric coils discriminate very well and pinpoint very easily because the strongest signal is always in the center of the coil.


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  • Model: Tesoro 8.5 u/max
  • Manufactured by: Tesoro

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