Gray Ghost DMC Headphones

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Special DMC version designed for use with NautilusTM DMC detectors or any two-channel audio equipment that presents different signals to each ear.

Relic & Coin Hunters... Give yourself the superb Gray Ghost sound made especially for your Nautilus DMC detectors. Each channel has its own separate limiter and separate volume control.

Product Features:

Separate volume control for each channel

Heavy-duty muff-to-muff connection cable.

Heavy-duty coil cable with special 1/4", 90 degree angle stereo connector.

Compact carry and storage foldable design.

Heavy-duty polymer muffs with full-ear surround, soft comfortable cushions.

Adjustable padded headband... no screws, no wire frame, no rust!

Speakers designed for maximum sensitivity, efficiency, durability, and signal quality.

Special built-in signal limiting circuitry on each channel to protect hearing from high volume hits... no batteries!

Special sound-blocking muff design eliminating environmental ambient noise up to 24 decibels.

Frequency response: 200 - 3200 Hz... only what your detector uses.

Sensitivity: 72 dB @ 1kHz min.

Impedance: 150 ohms nominal.

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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  • Model: DPro-HP-DMC-GG
  • Manufactured by: DetectorPro

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