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Teknetics Teknetics T2 15" coil

Teknetics T2 15" coil

TEKNETICS T2 SEARCHCOIL 15 inch coil gives you a larger surface of detection and deeper penetration. Perfect for hunting swimming beaches, open...


Teknetics Teknetics T-2 5" Coil

Teknetics T-2 5" Coil

TEKNETICS T2 5" Coil Announcing the new 5" coil from Teknetics for the Teknetics T 2 metal detector.  
$139.00  $125.00

Max: 1
Teknetics Tek-Point Pin Pointer

Tek-Point Pin Pointer

NOTE: Now in Stock! The Tek-Point pinpointer, pinpoints the exact location of metal objects buried in soil, sand or dirt. The Tek-Point is a fully...
$149.00  $129.00


Teknetics Teknetics Tek-Point Waterproof pin pointing probe!

Teknetics Tek-Point Waterproof pin pointing probe!

If you hunt, you know what it's like to bite down on lead or steel shot. That bite can not only cause pain, but could cost you hundreds or even...


Teknetics Teknetics T2 Bundle package

Teknetics T2 Bundle package

Get the following items: 5" DD coil 5" coil cover Treasure pouch with belt   Recharge kit (charger and batteries) Elbow cover...


Teknetics Teknetic Euro-Tek

Teknetic Euro-Tek

TEKNETICS EUROTEK w/8" coil MSRP: $259.00      DIXIE PRICE $159.00   Features Never Before Seen in This Price Range! ...

Max: 1
Teknetics Teknetics DigiTek Plus Bonus package

Teknetics DigiTek Plus Bonus package

Special introductory price on the new DigiTek with Bonus pack! Now until May 31st 2015, you pay only $199* and receive the bonus package FREE!...


Teknetics Teknetic Euro-Tek Pro

Teknetic Euro-Tek Pro

Teknetics® EurotekPro® with 11" DD coil Features Never Before Seen in This Price Range! MSRP: $319.00  DIXIE PRICE: $219.00 ...

Max: 1
Teknetics Teknetics Omega 8000

Teknetics Omega 8000

Teknetics Omega 8000 w/ 10" DD Search Coil NEW PRICING! MSRP: $749.00  DIXIE PRICE: $400.00 Elevate The Possibilities! Unique Intuitive...

Max: 1
Teknetics New! Teknetics T2 Classic

New! Teknetics T2 Classic

Buy a Teknetics T2 classic and get a FREE BATTERY CHARGER KIT and 15” COIL! Offer expires after December 30th!        ...


Featured Products

5" - CZ Series Coil
5" - CZ Series Coil
$119.00  $95.20

Teknetics T-2 Ltd
Teknetics T-2 Ltd
$1,249.00  $699.99

XP DEUS Starter package
XP DEUS Starter package
$1,100.00  $799.00
X-Terra 705 Gold Detector
X-Terra 705 Gold Detector
$649.00  $499.00

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