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Manufacturer Product Image Item Name- Price
DetectorPro Ultimate Gray Ghost Headphones

Ultimate Gray Ghost Headphones

This is one headphone you have to try for yourself in order to believe. We started with our now famous Original Gray Ghost headphone and added all...
$140.00  $126.00

Max: 1
DetectorPro Treasure Ears Headphones

Treasure Ears Headphones

Treasure Ears TM   stereo headphones were designed to accommodate the detectorist who desires a lightweight comfortable headphone with a price...
$49.95  $40.00

Max: 1
DetectorPro Rattler Headphones

Rattler Headphones

Now you can have the superb Gray Ghost sound and still hear what's around you. This special headphone lets you hear your detector's signals...
$95.00  $85.00

Max: 1
DetectorPro Original Gray Ghost Headphones

Original Gray Ghost Headphones

Now for the first time there is a serious alternative to the many headphones available in the past for metal detecting. The new Gray Ghost®...
$119.00  $107.00

Max: 1
DetectorPro Nugget Busters NDT Headphones

Nugget Busters NDT Headphones

Does this sound familiar... A month of research and you’ve just hiked a mile into the desert after pinpointing an old claim site on an old map....
$150.00  $135.00

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Max: 1
DetectorPro Nugget Busters Headphones

Nugget Busters Headphones

Our new Nugget Busters headphones have been custom designed specifically for the gold nugget hunter. Start hearing the "whisper signals"...
$119.00  $107.00

Max: 1
DetectorPro New! Gray Ghost BT headphones (bluetooth enabled)

New! Gray Ghost BT headphones (bluetooth enabled)

Has this ever happened to you? You’re out metal detecting and you are wearing a coat, gloves, backpack and maybe a hat... You have your cell...
$169.00  $155.00


DetectorPro Jolly Rogers Ultimates Headphones

Jolly Rogers Ultimates Headphones

Built upon the foundation of our popular original Jolly Rogers headphones, we now introduce the Jolly Rogers Ultimates ! You get the same rugged...
$120.00  $108.00

Max: 1
DetectorPro Jolly Rogers Headphones

Jolly Rogers Headphones

Have a Jolly Good Time finding treasure with our new Jolly Rogers metal detector headphones. By "Jolly Good Time" we mean you'll find...
$99.00  $89.00

Max: 1
DetectorPro Gray Ghost XP Deus Wireless Headphones

Gray Ghost XP Deus Wireless Headphones

Now for the first time you can have sound blocking muffs, high quality speakers and hear weaker signals in comfort with your CORDLESS XP Deus metal...
$165.00  $150.00


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