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Manufacturer Product Image Item Name Price
Tesoro Cibola Detector with 9x8 coil

Cibola Detector with 9x8 coil

Cibola with 9x8 coil (Options include the 11x8 coil or Cibola 11x8 in black) The Cibola (pronounced see-bow-lah) combines H.O.T. circuitry with...
$425.00  $361.25

Max: 1
Tesoro Compadre Detector 5.75" coil

Compadre Detector 5.75" coil

Compadre with 5.75 inch coil The Tesoro Compadre was designed with the idea that less is more. This modest machine can do a lot of the same things...
$189.00  $160.65

Max: 1
Tesoro Cortés Detector

Cortés Detector

The Cortés represents the best combination of current and new technologies that Tesoro has to offer. When Jack Gifford and Vince Gifford set out to...
$849.00  $721.65

Max: 1
Tesoro DeLeón Detector

DeLeón Detector

The DeLeón is a Target Identification Detector or T.I.D. The DeLeón is designed as an easy to use, turn-on-and-go detector. The faceplate has only...
$599.00  $509.15

Max: 1
Tesoro Lobo SuperTRAQ Detector

Lobo SuperTRAQ Detector

The Lobo SuperTRAQ is the pinnacle of electronic gold prospecting technology. No other detector gives you the fast, accurate and reliable ground...
$799.00  $679.15

Max: 1
Tesoro New: Tesoro Mojave metal detector

New: Tesoro Mojave metal detector

Introducing the new Tesoro Mojave!     GROUND CONTROL SWITCH The Mojave is a newly designed 12 Khz detector with 2 position HIGH and LOW...
$279.00  $251.10


Tesoro Outlaw 3 Coil Package

Outlaw 3 Coil Package

The Outlaw is the first detector that comes with 3 coils in the standard package.  It comes with a 5.75 concentric, 8 concentric and a 12x10...
$649.00  $551.65


Tesoro Sand Shark Detector

Sand Shark Detector

Tesoro Sand Shark with 8" coil Our new Sand Shark combines time-proven PI circuits with the latest digital technology creating the first...
$679.00  $577.15

... more info
Max: 1
Tesoro Silver µMax Detector

Silver µMax Detector

Strong, Simple, Silent... Still The Silver Sabre series has had a very long history with Tesoro Electronics. It was first introduced in 1983. In a...
$299.00  $254.15

Max: 1
Tesoro Tejón Detector

Tejón Detector

We are very proud to introduce the Tejón . It features a high output transmit oscillator to push the signal deeper and an increased gain for...
$699.00  $594.15

Max: 1

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